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Visual Web Design

Whether you already have an established brand, your current site just isn’t generating enough conversions for you, or you need a brand and website built from ground up I can help.

Website Mockup

If you just need the design because you are a coding whizz kid, then that is fine, I work in exactly the same way as if you wanted the full design and build package. Our design starts with a well detailed brief and initial research and all content provided prior to design. Why do we ask for content first? we don’t want to waste your hard earned money on unnecessary studio time to change areas of ‘call to action’ or main areas of interest.

Your websites starts life as simple boxes to format the layout and areas of interest, from which we start add the design features and detail. You can see in this stage how and why the brief and research is important to forge the foundation of your design.

Web Hosting

We can offer you service of hosting your website and emails. Whether you are confused by all the technical jargon by hosts and not sure what you need or you just would like it all to be taken care of, we can tailor your web hosting package for your website no matter what the size is.

Web Site Development

We build websites using the latest methods and standards in CSS/HTML and use a library of javascript for some functionality. We know how much you love to edit the website you’ve paid for, so we like to put all our websites in a content management system (CMS), our CMS’s of choice are Textpattern and WordPress, these are both open source which means we can keep the costs down but should you need a different CMS because of your brief we will let you know with our advice.

Log in Page

If you have already got a fabulous design but not sure where to start making it into a website, then get in touch and we can help.

Mobile specific sites

iPhone Version

The increase in smart phones on the market means people are browsing the web more and more on their phones. Most phones support full web browsing, but however clever they are, you will still find a certain amount scrolling/zooming and squinted eyes trying to read the text, and click on small links.

We can now develop Mobile phone versions of your site, the website will detect that the person is viewing the site on a mobile device and can show them a slightly modified website using all the same information.

Whats the point? By giving your audience as easier experience as you can they will come back to your site and more likely to use your services because you make it easy, and are thinking about them.